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What is IUCLID?

A software programme called IUCLID (International Uniform Chemical Information Database) is
created to collect, preserve, and communicate data about chemicals.
It is a crucial piece of software used by both regulatory organisations and the chemical industry to
implement various regulatory projects.
IUCLID is a platform that uses globally harmonised data components relevant to chemicals and can
be adapted and configured to manage chemical data in various scenarios.
It is regularly updated to offer more customization, extension, and tool integration.

Latest updates of third edition of IUCLID
Gives the most recent information on IUCLID features and procedures, such as
→ The use of PostgreSQL,
→ An updated matrix view of IUCLID use in OECD nations,
→ The new release schedule,
→ And details on new tools to facilitate IUCLID use (Data Uploader and IUCLID Customization
→ In addition, an IUCLID Customisation Forum is newly available for developers from different
regulatory programmes and jurisdictions to share customised elements for the IUCLID

Who is involved?
The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)
→ Together with the OECD, ECHA creates and updates the IUCLID software and underlying
→ With the goal of achieving, to the extent possible, standardisation in the way data on
chemicals are gathered and disseminated in regulatory settings, this collaboration enables
the maintenance of the format.
→ IUCLID 6 is the most recent version. IUCLID is given away without charge by ECHA.
OECD and the OECD IUCLID User Group Expert Panel
→ To improve international harmonisation, the OECD advises using the IUCLID programme to
develop chemical databases.
→ The OECD IUCLID User Group Expert Panel, co-chaired by ECHA, was created by OECD
member nations.

→ The Expert Panel supports and facilitates the use of IUCLID in OECD member nations by
identifying global business requirements for advancement of IUCLID irrespective of context
and prioritising users' demands in regulatory contexts.
→ International specialists in toxicology, ecotoxicology, and environmental behaviour from
member nations and industry make up the Expert Panel.
→ They use IUCLID to develop and review data sets for chemical compounds.