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Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM) Specific Information

The IMDS tool contains original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specific information, which is data
unique to a given OEM.

OEM Specific Information content
This data may consist of the following:
The materials that OEMs need to be used in their products
The methods used by the OEM to handle hazardous materials.
The OEM’s specifications for dumping and recycling.

Information unique to the OEM that is included in the IMDS tool is important since it makes sure suppliers are fulfilling OEM specifications. This is significant because it can contribute to the preservation of the environment and the workers health and safety.

An OEM might, for instance, have specifications about the amount of recycled material used in their goods. Providers can make sure they are using materials that satisfy OEM
specifications by entering this data into the IMDS tool.

An OEM might have procedures in place for handling dangerous products, as another illustration. Suppliers can guarantee that they are handling hazardous products in a safe and
ecologically responsible manner by including this information in the IMDS tool.

For controlling the flow of information regarding the materials used in the automobile sector, the IMDS tool is a useful resource.

To guarantee that they are fulfilling the OEM’s specifications and conserving the environment, suppliers can contribute by furnishing OEM-specific data in the IMDS tool.


✅The following are some advantages of including OEM-specific data in the IMDS tool:
✅Verifying that vendors are fulfilling the OEM’s standards might be beneficial.
✅By encouraging the use of recycled materials and the safe management of hazardous products, it can aid in environmental protection.
✅Facilitating suppliers access to necessary information can enhance the efficiency of the supply chain.
✅Making sure vendors are aware of the OEM’s criteria will help lower the likelihood of recalls and fines.

Sources of information
The following are some of the resources the IMDS tool uses to retrieve OEM-specific data
✅The website of OEM.
✅Material safety data sheets (MSDS) from the OEM.
✅The supplier portal for the OEM.
✅The official IMDS website.
It is crucial to inquire with OEMs about any particular specifications they may have for the materials used in their products if you are a supplier to them. This information is also
available in the MSDS or on the OEM’s website.
You can make sure that you are adhering to OEM specifications and safeguarding the environment by entering accurate OEM-specific data in the IMDS tool.


A database called the IMDS tool aids vendors in meeting OEM requirements for materials used in automotive goods. This promotes worker and environmental protection.

Here are the main ideas:
��Th OEM-specific data regarding the materials used in automobile goods can be found in the IMDS tool.
��With regard to the utilisation of recycled materials, the safe handling of hazardous materials, and the disposal and recycling of materials, this information can assist suppliers in meeting OEM criteria.
��By guaranteeing that materials are used safely and sustainably in automotive goods, the IMDS tool may contribute to the protection of the environment and employees.

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