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China MEE Adds 43 Chemicals to IECSC

These 43 chemicals are now regulated as existing chemical substances in China.

To announce the inclusion of 43 chemical compounds in the IECSC, China MEE has published two notices.

Notice 1: – The proposal of adding 4 substances to the IECSC made in February 2023 has been adopted.

China ministry organises a review of the application materials submitted by enterprises producing, importing, and using relevant chemical substances, relevant industries, and relevant organizations in accordance with the pertinent provisions of the “Regulations for Environmental Management Registration of New Chemical Substances” (Ministry of Ecology and Environment Order No. Announcement No. 51 of 2020) on the addition of relevant chemical substances to the Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances in China.” The & Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances in China(see attached) has now been updated with the addition of the first batch of four chemical substances (the ninth batch overall) that will meet the standards in 2023.

● Oxirane, 2-(chloromethyl)-, (2 S)
● Decanoic acid, 3- [[6-deoxy-2- O -(6-deoxy- α – L -mannopyranosyl)- α – L -mannopyranosyl] oxy]-, 1- (carboxymethyl)octyl ester, mixt. with 1-(carboxymethyl) octyl 3- [(6-deoxy- α – L -mannopyranosyl) oxy] decanoate
● Reaction mass of ditungsten carbide and tungsten carbide
● Tungsten oxide

Notice 2: – 39 substances that were previously registered under the MEMP Order No. 7 of 2010’s Measures on Environmental Management of New Chemical compounds are now eligible for listing as existing chemical substances in China. They are now covered by China’s existing chemical regulation, exempt from the MEE Order No. 12’s new chemical registration or notification obligations. However, a new usage registration will be necessary (see attachment) if the chemical is utilised for industrial purposes that are not included among the approved uses.