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EU – The General Product Safety Regulation (GPSR)

The General Product Safety Regulation (GPSR) is a new key instrument in the EU product safety legal framework, replacing from 13 December 2024 the current General Product
Safety Directive and the Food Imitating Product Directive.

It updates the EU’s general framework for product safety and takes on the new problems that our economies economic digitalization has brought about for product safety.

The GPSR requires that all consumer products on the EU markets are safe, and it establishes specific obligations for businesses to ensure it.

It applies to all sales channels and non-food products. The GPSR offers a safety net for goods or dangers that are not covered by other EU laws.

Because of this safety net function, consumers in the EU are always safeguarded from hazardous goods, whether they are available today or not.

    1. Ensuring the safety of all products, including those connected to new technologies, addressing issues brought on by the rise of online sales, particularly through online marketplaces.
   2. Ensuring better rule enforcement and more effective market surveillance.
   3. Improving the efficacy of recalls of dangerous products in consumers hands.

What’s new?
→ For product safety, the precautionary principle must be consistently used by all parties.
→ specific requirements for online marketplace providers and business entities regarding product safety.
→ Increased requirements for product traceability.
→ A list of factors to consider while evaluating the safety of products, especially those involving new technologies.
→ Businesses that report accidents to the authorities.
→ Stricter market supervision regulations
→ Specific guidelines on how to manage product safety recalls, including a required form for recall notices and a consumer right to remedy.

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