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China releases draft requirements for remanufacturers ofelectromechanical goods that adhere to standards.

Draft criteria for “standards-compliant” remanufacturers of electromechanical devices were published by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on June 7, 2023. Through June 22, 2023, the ministry will accept opinions on the draft.

The requirements would apply to remanufacturers whose facilities have been constructed in China and that remanufacture the following electromechanical products: construction equipment, tools/machine tools, heavy equipment, general-purpose equipment used in the petrochemical industry, internal combustion engines, electrical equipment for electrical engineering, agricultural equipment, basic machinery components, office equipment, etc.

If remanufacturers meet the requirements and are given the go-ahead through the review process, they will be publicly labeled as companies that adhere to the standards.

Examples of the criteria for standards-compliant remanufacturers

● Remanufactured products have a statement declaring that they are remanufactured products in a conspicuous position according to the Circular Economy Promotion Law 2.
● Measures to control the emission/discharge of wastewater, air pollutants, solid waste, noise, vibration, etc. generated from production processes comply with relevant national and local regulations.