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India Launches its Chemical Inventory Platform

ChemIndia will further improve the efficiency of data collection, compilation and analysis in the chemicals and petrol-chemicals industry.

On October 10, 2023, the Indian government’s Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals (DCPC) announced the start of Cheminda, a big and ambitious initiative, on its website.

With regard to numerous facets of the chemical industry, including production, installed capacity, exports, imports, purchases, sales, and other chemical qualities, the project’s goal is to compile an exhaustive chemical inventory of India. Its objectives are to gather, aggregate, and evaluate real-time data from the petrochemical and chemical industries. The necessary information must be accessible on a monthly or annual basis.

One of this platform’s best features is a GIS dashboard that uses straightforward, interactive data visualization’s on a single screen to provide location-based insights. It will facilitate the capture of real-time data and provide prompt information availability for analysis. 

Furthermore, the platform functions as a central repository for research materials and data that are shared and reused in the development of industrial policies. The integration of modern techniques such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data Analytics will enhance the platform’s ability to handle data and facilitate prompt business decisions.

Benefits of Cheminida

Cheminida strengthens cooperation and partnership within the chemical industries ecosystem and promotes sustainable data management for the development of equitable policies. The major benefits are summarized below: 

  • Assures a complete understanding of the performance and trends of the sector.
  • Availability of information on geographical base.
  • Encourages quick decisions and quick responses based on current market insights.
  • To increase accuracy and efficiency in managing and interpreting data.
  • To encourage knowledge generation and innovation in the Chemicals and Petrol-chemicals Industry.
  • To facilitate informed decision-making at the national and regional levels by offering useful data insights to policymakers in the chemical industry.
  • To promote collaboration and partnerships throughout the ecosystem of the chemical sector.
  • Moving away from a simple web-based window application to cutting-edge technologies for data accumulation, analysis and storage.
  • To allow remote data entry, monitoring and analysis.
  • To support researchers and various stakeholders to conduct research and analysis.