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Ukraine Adopts CLP Regulation Signalling Alignment with Global Chemical Safety Standards

On May 10, 2024, the Ukrainian government adopted the Technical Regulation for the Classification of Hazards, Labelling and Packaging of Chemical Products in an effort to bring it into compliance with EU standards. In adopting the standards outlined in EU Regulation 1272/2008 on Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Chemicals and Mixtures (CLP Regulation), Ukraine is taking a major step towards implementing the UN-established Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemical Substances (GHS).

With the exception of certain provisions (Section 3 and clauses 130–133 of Section 6) which will take effect on January 1, 2025, the Technical Regulation will come into effect six months after it is published.

Key Provisions of the Technical Regulation

The introduction of EU regulations and standards for the classification of chemical substances and products according to the 33 hazard classes is one of the Technical Regulation’s main features. Strict guidelines for the labelling and packaging of chemical items are also introduced by it.

Participants in the market are becoming more accountable. Manufacturers, importers, suppliers, and other operators must compile all available data regarding a chemical product’s hazardous qualities, evaluate the veracity of this data, and categorise the chemical substance’s hazards in compliance with the Technical Regulation before putting it on the market.

Furthermore, businesses need to make sure that the chemical items they produce, import, or supply to the Ukrainian market are categorised as hazardous based on GHS guidelines. These products need to have the proper packaging and danger labelling.

Law on Chemical Safety and Chemical Product Management

The adoption of the Technical Regulation follows the adoption of the Law “On Ensuring Chemical Safety and Chemical Product Management” in December 2022, which will enter into force on 29 June 2024. This framework legislation, an integral part of Ukraine’s EU-integration commitments, underlines the country’s commitment to protecting its citizens and environment.

According to Minister Ruslan Striltsa, the law will serve as a basis for establishing a national chemicals management system in line with European standards. It lays the foundation for further steps in this area, including the implementation of EU technical regulations such as CLP and REACH. With regard to the implementation of the REACH regulation, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine has already developed a Technical Regulation on the Safety of Chemical Products, which will be submitted to the Government for consideration in the near future.