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EU Poison Centre Notification for Hazardous Mixture


EU Poison Centre Notification

According to the amended EU CLP regulation, Importers and Downstream Users placing hazardous mixtures on the EU and EEA (European Union/European Economic Area) market must submit the composition and hazard information of the hazardous mixtures to the Member State appointed bodies commonly known as Poison Centres. This is also called EU Poison Centre Notification (PCN).

Came into Force

Annex VIII to the CLP Regulation was adopted in March 2017, but harmonised the requirements for poison centre notifications (PCN) officially came into force on 1 January 2021.


The main objective of PCN is “To structure the information on hazardous mixtures classified for health and physical hazards available to poison centres if poisoning incidents happens in the EU region”.

What are the Products Require Poison Centre Notification?

PCN covers those products (detergents, paints, coating, solvents, adhesives etc.), which labelled as hazard pictogram codes like serious health hazard, health hazard, acute toxicity, corrosive, flammable, and oxidizing. Products which contain these 6 hazard pictogram codes must need to fulfil the PCN needs.

Biocidal products and plant protection products, air care products, cleaning products, colourants are subject to PCN.

When to Submit PCN?

Importers and Downstream Users placing hazardous mixtures on the market not notified under national legislation must comply with the new PCN requirements.

    •  Mixture for consumer use: 1 Jan 2021

    •  Mixture for professional use: 1 Jan 2021

    •  Mixture for industrial use: 1 Jan 2024

By 1 January 2025, a submission must be made for all mixtures on the market according to the harmonised Annex VIII requirements in CLP regulation.

Who shall submit PCN?

Importers and Downstream Users placing hazardous mixtures on the EU market have direct responsibility to submit PCN. But Manufacturers of substances and Distributors do not need to submit PCN.

Mixtures Exempt from PCN

    • Radioactive substance and mixtures

    • Mixtures used in research and development

    • Waste

    •  Certain mixtures in finished state intended for final user: medicinal products, cosmetics, medical devices, food and feeding stuffs

    •   Mixtures only classified for environmental hazards

    •   Mixtures only classified with gases under pressure

    •   Explosives

How Global PCCS Can support on PCN?

Accordance with article 45 and Annex VIII of CLP regulation, ECHA European chemical agency has launched a Poison Centres notification (PCN) portal to help industry to prepare and submit information on hazardous mixtures to the appointed bodies of each Member State. The PCN notification can also be prepared off-line with XML tool or IUCLID and then submitted via the portal. The PCN can be submitted either directly, via IUCLID6 or via the ECHA submission portal.

    • Collecting Information about the sender

    • Collecting Details about the mixtures

    • Required UFI Code

    • Collecting Information about the product, such as type, packaging size, category, color

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